CMS (Content Management System) Development

A website of an organization, big or small, is its show case which generates business for it. Hence it is essential that the website is always kept updated and live. To help an organization with such a task a content management service is available that maintains and updates the web site. There are two ways to go about CMS. Either the organization buys a software that does the automated development for them or Hire a webmaster who does the development for them. In any cases a stale and static site is made live by CMS. It is a back stage work that makes content authoring and delivery easy. Thus allowing large organizations to automate the content that needs to be managed and published on the site.

A CMS development includes following functions-

  • Adding, updating and deleting web pages
  • Proper document management and manipulation.
  • Customized and automated web template
  • Easily editable content via WYSIWUG (what you see is what you get) editors
  • Complete control over the design and style part of the website.
  • Page Content Keyword Density Statistics
  • Link management, security features.
  • Add images.

CMS development  performs  tasks like on line calendars, discussion forums, blogs, opt-in newsletters and custom programmed functions. CMS  development  can be done using PHP/DotNet/Java Dynamic website developer , HTML website developer, Webmaster services for who cannot do it themselves.

A wide array of CMS is available to match the enterprises having diverse functioning and operational areas. Like –Web CMS, Transactional CMS, Integrated, Publication CMS, learning CMS, enterprise CMS.

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