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Microsoft lists features you’ll lose when upgrading to Windows 10

Losing out on certain features with Microsoft 10

Microsoft announced the date for launching of Windows 10 as 29th of July along with the requirements for upgrading to this. Making sure to get you aware on what you will be losing out once you have installed the Windows 10, the company has given a list of features which are listed below. There are many who are not as excited about this launce due to the features they will be losing out on.

Media Centre

Once you have upgraded to Windows 10, you can forget about the Media Centre. This Windows Media centre was supposed to be a hub for the users, which was able to allow them to record live shows from the Television or display slide shows of photos and also allowing them to stream content.

Windows Games: Minesweeper, Solitaire, Hearts

These games which were a big help to while away your time, will no longer be available. Upgrading to Windows 10 will remove these games but the users will be able to access the above games through the Microsoft App Store. You also find third party makers of software which offer these games.

Gadgets of the Desktop

The gadgets which seemed to be a staple of the Windows 7 will not be available on Windows 10. You will be required to install these gadgets.

Floppy Disk Drivers

Though most of us do not use Floppy Disk Drivers any more, but for those who do will have to download the driver which is latest from the Windows Update or the computer manufacturer’s website.

DVD Playback Software

This exciting but extinct method of being able to consume media on your computer is being removed in the Windows 10. The maker of the software has informed that you will need to add separate software for playback if you wish to play DVD’s on Windows 10. VLC player seems to work as a good option or you can consider using Power DVD or WinDVD which perform more like DVD players as compared to the general video players.

Application of the One Drive

The application of One Drive seems to be getting an update with the Windows 10. The older Windows include this among the bundle of Windows Live Essentials, but in the Windows 10 this app will be replaced by One Drive in the inbox version.

Update Defers

Using the Windows 10, users will receive the updates automatically but will not be able to defer these updates at any time later.

The different editions of Windows 10

The maker of the software was able to reveal that the Windows 10 will have 7 versions, namely, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 pro, Windows 10 mobile, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, and Windows 10 to T Core (Internet of things). While you will find that all the above mentioned editions will include the same core and features, Windows will be released only for PC’s by Microsoft and tablets earlier. So, go through the pros and cons before you make up your mind to upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10: The 10 Most Important New Consumer Preview Features

Windows 10: an Ultimate Experience

With Windows 10 being free absolutely as this is going to be in the form of an ‘upgrade’ for the Windows 8 and also for the users of Windows 7. Once the upgrade has been claimed by you , you keep on receiving updates for your device’s supported life. You can look forward to some of the features of the Windows 10 with great enthusiasm.

  1. PC’s and Cortana

You will find the Cortana right next to the Start button in the taskbar on the desk top. This will respond to your search queries in a language which is natural or via text or even voice. You can find out anything, from the weather forecast to the address of a store selling a specific article you might need.

  1. The Spartan Project

Spartan which is a browser is built around a new engine which is rendering. This is able to deliver a web experience which is uncluttered by shaking off the cruft of the Internet Explorer. You will also have the Cortana in this. The mode for reading is more enhanced with the support which can clear the junk and present a Web page which is more readable. You can also save the material for reading in the Pocketesque Reading list by Spartan.

  1. Holographic Windows

You find three parts in Windows Holographic, a headset which is wires-free that is able to pack GPU and the CPU, Hololens, and the HPU which is Holographic Processing Unit. This can enable imaging of the 3D type in Windows 10 with the holostudio which is able to let you create own holo grams.

  1. Surface Hub

This is a 4k, 84 inch, display which is touch-enabled designed in a manner for office collaboration. You have connective technologies in the Surface Hub, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, camera, motion detectors, and more.

  1. Tablets and Phones with Windows 10

The designing of Windows 10 was in such a way so as to give devices of all sizes a unified, singular experience. You can have all the Office Apps which are touch-friendly come along by playing with the Power Points and Word on the Windows phone. Any notifications which are cleared from devices with the Window 10 will clear the same from all the devices.

  1. Office Apps

Windows 10 will be including the Office on phones and tablets free. This Office suite in Windows 10 will be responsive to the device you use and will be able to enable controls of the modern gesture stalwarts like Outlook and Power Point.

  1. Improvements in PC gaming

Windows 10 will be including a tool for screen shooting and video capture so that you can capture the final 30 seconds of your game from which ever game. All you need to do is press the G+Windows key which will bring up the tool.

  1. Streaming of the X-box

The new X-box app included in Windows 10 will enable you to pursue achievements, chat with your friends who play X-box, and also manage videos and screen shots, which also include the ones from the games on your PC.

  1. Continuum

Continuum can shift dynamically the interface fr4om Modern, probably to the desktop, this depends whether you are using the touch-enabled device or the PC. In case of you using a device which is hybrid-style it is able to switch forth and back depending how you using the device actively at that moment.

  1. New Accessories

Besides all the above features you can get hold of the all new accessories for the Windows 10 to make this experience totally worthwhile and convenient.