Web Designing and Development

The website acts as an advertising board of your product or the services you are offering. Customer psychology study has revealed that they are attracted towards well packaged and well presented goods. Presentation is the key word in web designing. People who just sift through the web sites for a look at the product or service are simply window shoppers (browsers) having no actual intention of buying the product. But these can be the potential customers if the web site has enough gravitational force. The web site consists of the Home page which does the initial talking on your behalf is a very important part of the web site. This page should have enough potential to make the browser turn the next page. Thus subsequently turn a browser into a buyer.

The website should state in very lucid language about the proceedings, sales, term of operation of the company. Language plays a crucial part in the web designing. Hence apart from being grammatically sound the page should be informative and attracting enough as well. It helps a lot to include the key phrases often as it increases the probability of the web page rising high on the list.

Factors affecting web design.—

Use of images – Images appeal to the client visually. The product picture can impress the consumer. Then comes the “about us” page which reveals the company profile, future prospects, style of service, commitment etc. It gives a personal touch to the other wise virtual text.

Frequently asked questions – A buyer has many queries which have to be addressed by the web developer. Commonly asked Q and A series can be included in the first page.

Testimonials of people who are already your consumers can be included in between. It creates a positive feeling to the potential buyer.

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