Website designing and development

Web designing is a task of making web pages that in turn are bound together to make a web site. Web sites can be many types like –information sites an advertising site or a business site.

Various aspects of web designing.-There are various aspects of it like content, usability, appearance, visibility; etc. The designing should appeal to the viewer, be informative, stick to the subject, and appear eye pleasing at the same time. It should appear in most search engines so as to have a wider array of viewers. This includes the use of maximum keyword density so as to push up the rating.

A website commonly consists of text and pictures. The opening page of a web site is called Home Page or index. It uses an HTML text. Each web page is then bound together using hyper links. The next step to completion of web designing is to publish it or upload the site on internet. Then task of increasing the rating the site by including the keyword density, exchanging links with other web sites etc. One has to constantly revise and update the site so as to be in sync with current trends and demand.

Web development means developing a website. It generally refers to the technical aspect of the web designing. Like Mark up and coding. It can be as simple as making a simply written single page or be a very intricate work like e-business, social network services, and net applications.

On completion of web designing, the website is tested on a various operating systems and browsers to insure proper display and functionality. Thorough checking of the correctness of language, dead link, proper functioning of e mail forms checked.

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