Windows 10 Advantages and disadvantages

Microsoft has launched its new windows edition 10. It is an operating system that is designed to create a uniform similarity between PC users and high end mobile and tablet users. The advantages and disadvantages of Windows 10 may be said as follows:

  • The advantages are primarily the startup menu which is located on the left hand corner of the screen. This gives you the facility to use your other core apps too such as Mail or Calendar which are still your desktop apps and are put there for desktop logistics. Spartan, Microsoft’s refreshed web browser will arrive on PCs first before going on to the other technological gadgets. Cortana the biggest application of all is there on the desktop version and this takes complete control over the search engines enabling a wider and easier access of all hard drives and web search sites.
  • Pricing: Microsoft has indicated that Windows 10 will be free for PC users of Windows 8 version and this will be valid for a full first year. In contrast, users of Windows 8 or other operating systems will be finding themselves at a loss as they are devoid of all the wonderful features that they have decided not to upgrade. This can be done if you opt for a free version of Windows 10.
  • Longer Support: Windows gives a longer support to the latest version that it has introduced in the market. This is not the same for all older versions. This kind of an extended support is divided into two parts – the Mainstream support and the Extended Support. Mainstream support shows the deadline for adding new features and other functions and in this way it is less indispensable than the extended support. This kind of support is when Microsoft gives you two more years over Windows 8 version and five more years over the Windows 7 version.
  • Flexibility and Varied applications: This OS is designed to provide similar features across mobiles, laptops and pcs alike. Applications will work in the same way anywhere. Angry birds, for instance, will operate the same way across all devices. There is an added Continuum Feature which enables you to connect any device and use it as a PC.
  • Other advantages are gaming with apps like XBOX and Edge browser. There are virtual desktops and pop ups that are also very beneficial for high end users. Device guards are prevalent and this is an add on to the security feature.

Like all other operating systems there are some disadvantages of the Windows 10 version. This version has just been introduced and may contain some bugs. Some people may miss the touch friendly features that were there in the Windows 8.1 version. This OS doesn’t allow closing or swiping of screens by touching from top to bottom. Windows cannot be resized in the way it used to be previously done and the volume button is also different and it’s not there in the scroll bar as was there in the earlier versions.

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